Ken Papaleo

Colorado Landscape Photography

Colorado Golf Photography

Golf course photography is similiar to landscape photography except these scenes are meticulously cared for. This site is a collection of Ken Papaleo's work at a variety of golf courses in Colorado.

Colorado Landscape Photography Blog

For some people, photojournalism is just in their blood. Ken Papaleo is one of these people. In 2009, the Rocky Mountain News closed leaving many newspaper employees with a displaced sense of purpose. For Ken, a photographer with over 30 years experience, this was an opportunity to create his own assignments. Each week Ken ventures out into the beautiful state of Colorado to capture images to share with its residents. He hopes you enjoy it.

Hand Colored Colorado Landscape Photography

Before color photography was available, the only way to achieve color was by painting it directly to the photograph by hand. Then it was a neccesity, today it is a lost art form that few partake in. Ken's style only applies color to part of the image creating a collision of black and white and color. Ken Papaleo has been hand painting black and white photographs of Colorado for over 15 years.